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Rainbow Hair

Lydia Hughes

Posted on February 09 2018

Creating the Perfect DIY Rainbow hair is easier than ever! Perfect for parties, PRIDE & festivals this is a must have for summer!

Creating a rainbow hair look:

- It is very important to, if you do not have fair hair, use a bleach kit first before applying any hair colour as the colour may not take as well to darker hair

- Firstly, ensure your hair is clean and damp to make it easier when applying the colour

- Seperate your hair into sections to make it easier to work with and easier for seperating the colours

- Be sure to use contrasting colours after each other. If colours which are too similar are used next to each other the rainbow effect will not happen as dramatically as expected

- Begin by squirting some of the coloured product onto your gloved hands and massage into the section of hair you would like to be this colour

- Keep doing these steps using all of your different colours on each section to create the rainbow look

- Once complete, you will need to wait for upto 20 minutes for the colour to 'work it's magic' then you are ready to rinse and wash thouroughly!

- You will then need to thouroughly dry your hair to prevent any drips of colour onto the skin or clothing

- This is totally simple to do for anybody!

Please note, the Stargazer colours are semi permanant and will begin to fade after a few washes.

Please ensure the gloved prodivded are always used to prevent any stains on the skin.


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